Informational / Expert System For Agriculture


One of our customers from Israel asked us to help him with the development of special informational/expert system for agriculture.

The main goal of this system is providing detailed information about servicing exact doses of fertilizers of exact quantity for exact kind of plant.

The system has huge databases of hundreds of items of vegetables and plants connected with some special conditions for growing. The system can create special programs for growing each item using inserted data based on selected crops, type of soil, type of tissue, water analysis, temperature, types of fertilizers and etc.

The system was planned as a SaaS platform for thousands of users. Potential users of this system are farmers who specialize in growing vegetables and plants in greenhouses with installed and complicated systems of watering and fertilization. This fact together with requirements of providing ability to show a lot of statistic data (using special graphics, dashboards, etc.) required special approach on creating system architecture and using special frameworks to show tens of statistics dashboards.


Our main part of development was Front-End (mostly dashboards with showing statistic data) and we made special investigation for choosing proper framework for that. As the result, we’ve made decision to use Angular JS for all dynamic views in this system. We decided to use Angular JS also because it provides possibility to make statistic dashboards in a very fast way. Short terms of implementation were very important because it correlates with the final budget.

As the result, our customer got fully functional software with perfect views of statistic data developed in short terms and within quite a small budget.

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Technologies and platforms Net, Asp.Net, MSSQL Server, HTML, AngularJS, Bootstrap, Grunt
Effort 3 man-months
Solution Business Process Management, Enterprise Resource Planning